1. Get an idea.  We'd love your event to be "hop" themed, but anyway of fundraising is more than acceptable.
  2. Decide how to raise funds -
    • Offline, using our Sponsorship Pack - download or request a pack now.
    • Online, using a free Just Giving page - learn how to create your page.
    • A Combination of offline & online fundraising.
  3. Legal and Safety consideration - when planning your own event, even a small one, it's worth giving some thought to these to ensure your safety, and of course any other members of the public.
  4. Security Thoughts - keeping the money you raise safe before you get it to us is important.
  5. Tell us about your event.
  6. Launch & Publicise your event.
  7. Use Social Media (Facebook, YouTube, etc) to maximise your fundraising.
  8. Get your money to us.
  9. Tell us how it went.
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